AP Stars Football Academy was founded by two long-standing friends in 2018, Albert Tamou and Pasquale Venanzio, both Qualified FA Level 2 Football Coaches with successful and vast experience in coaching young players in the UK and abroad.

Having in common the love and passion for the” beautiful game” they decided to open a Football Academy to offer a better affordable alternative to all young boys and girls to what is around in grassroots football clubs.




The Academy’s Philosophy as a whole is to give ownership to the players to grow as individuals playing in a team where they can have great fun and support each other to confront the challenges of a football match. 

They learn to solve problems that arise from random situations which occur in a game of football, they work together in difficult circumstances, they understand the strengths and weaknesses in themselves and the team  and of course commitment to training and matches, fulfill the potential of every player and support them in their development to the best of our ability. We strive to create a positive learning environment that encourages players to develop on and off the field, emphasize the importance of building relationships in a social environment and supporting each other when things do not go according to plan. We aim to improve their confidence and self-esteem, encourage them to try new things and learn from mistakes and errors, respect the coaches and opponents and play by the rules. This should help them to understand their responsibilities not only when they are at training or during matches but in their everyday life.




We instill in all the players a set of values, which we strongly believe in and adhere to.  The team is more important than any individual player, every player should respect his teammates and opponents and be committed to the team by coming to training and be available for matches. They should never complain about the coach’s decision and always support each other. To play well on the pitch there should be harmony in the team, a serene and enjoyable environment makes all the difference to performing well and having fun.

We make sure they learn new things all the time and improve in the FA’s 4 Corner Model (Tactical/Technical, Physical, Psychological and Social) They should practice hard to improve weaknesses using the 3R’s (Repetition, Relevance, and Realism). 

We believe that hard work will always pay off.  The old saying, ‘practice makes perfect’, still holds true and we want all the players to practice being comfortable with the ball, having good technique is a must. Focusing on possession games helps in developing the playing philosophy so that the team can play from the back, pass the ball around under pressure and show creativity. 

We let them play during matches without giving constant instruction from the sidelines, the hard work is done in training. They then have the freedom to make mistakes and learn from them.