All our Coaches are qualified  FA Coaches 

Co-Chairman: Albert Tamou

Al Pic.jpg

Albert has been involved in youth football for almost 20 years. He has played and competed at a good level across Europe, UK, and USA. Albert is keen to continue to promote the game and help to develop the future stars of football.

Coach: Franco Antiri


Franco has worked in youth football  for the last 7 years, a very passionate and inspiring coach for your players and for our Academy.

 He has played football in South London Leagues  in his youth years at a good level.

Franco is a fully qualified FA Coach.

Co-Chairman: Pas Venanzio


Pasquale has been a  youth football coach for over 9 years. He has also played at a reasonable level here in the UK and also in Italy. He is keen to pass on his experience to the future player.

Coach: Steven Eid

Steven is an up and coming football coach.

He is very eager to improve his coaching ability in all aspects.

He is gaining experience and knowledge within the game to pass it on to his team in an easy to understand manner allowing him to contribute towards the development of the future player.

Steven is a fully qualified FA coach.

Treasurer: Albert Tamou

Secretary / Welfare Officer: Pasquale  Venanzio

Coaches:  Albert Tamou, Pasquale Venanzio, Franco Antiri  ,Steven Eid ,Paul Evans , Chris Jackson, Simon Cooper, Leon Phillips,Daniel Lukeman, Pedro Lozano.

       Volunteers                                        Assistant Coaches:

        Michal  Borowski                              Michael Hiskail 

        Geoffrey Steyn

        Mike  Rockett